Monday, September 28, 2009

The Duck Whisperer

As I sat watching the first episode of "The Amazing Race" last night, I was introduced to Zev Glassner one of the contestants in the competition. One thing that sets Glassner apart from the other contestants is that he has Asperger's Syndrome.

This is the third season that "The Amazing Race" has featured someone with a disability. The show excels at showing that while people with disabilities may have difficulties in some areas they can excel in others....just like the rest of us, really.

In last night's episode there was a challenge where the contestants had to herd a group of ducks. Many of the participants struggled with the challenge but Glassner's race partner, Justin Kanew, dubbed him "The Duck Whisperer" because he calmly led the ducks through the challenge where others could not.

I will enjoy watching Glassner this season and hope they have a long run on "The Amazing Race." To read an interview with Glassner on the Disability Scoop website, click here.

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silvervalkyre said...

Amazing! Thanks for posting this inspirational reminder that people with 'disabilities' always have 'abilities', they just may be a little less obvious initially. I love the abilities of the human mind to adapt to new challenges. The Duck Whisperer!

With deep appreciation,
The Marbridge Foundation
Manchaca, TX, USA